Introducing Salva Mendez, also known as Finger- Trick, a seasoned Spanish DJ boasting over 30 years of expertise within the music industry.

Hailing from a family steeped in musical heritage, he kickstarted his journey during the vibrant 80s, gracing festivals and social gatherings with his electrifying performances. Since those early beginnings, he’s seamlessly melded his love for music into a multifaceted career as a producer, music consultant, and DJ, all while channeling his creativity into other artistic realms like photography, graphic design, and architecture. Drawing from a deep reservoir of musical taste and knowledge,

FingerTrick has left his mark on events, parties, and productions spanning the globe, from Spain and Switzerland to Gambia, Senegal, Norway, the USA, China, and  ailand. Currently anchored in Phuket,  ailand, he extends his services, curating unforgettable experiences and lending his re ned taste and style to a diverse array of events and projects.

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